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"We can see these tracks appealing as much to fans of Massive Attack and Portishead as they do to fans of Kate Bush or Carly Simon." ​

- Songwriting Magazine

"Who is Ruth A-D you may ask, well she is not only a singer with a voice that melts you and makes your hairs stand on end with goose pimples. She is a songwriter of outstanding big productions with ghostly vocal layers and orchestras with a very NOW sound".

- AceMegaRex Review

"It's better than I thought it would be!"

- Mum



By Duncan Haskell


Trying to pigeonhole a sound is often a worthless pursuit and that’s certainly the case when it comes to the music of Ruth A-D. At times dark and cinematic but elsewhere vulnerable and exposed, it never settles in one genre for long.


Knowing that her influences range from Nine Inch Nails to Tori Amos via the film scores of John Williams helps to explain this a little, but it’s much more than that.


Instead, this is the singular vision of an artist not afraid to reveal her true self through her songs. Like a day spent in a forest, dancing between shadows and sunlight, Ruth’s sound is both fraught with danger and full of hope, and uniquely hers.


The challenging part has been getting what Ruth could hear in her head into her recordings. The only option was for Ruth to skill up and learn the technical side of production.


She built Monster Crèche Studios within her Sussex home and now writes, arranges, records, produces and mixes everything herself. It is the place where her monsters are born, raised and made ready for the world.



The result of Ruth’s determination to master the process is there for all to hear on War On Dreams and Just Another Scratch, the first songs to be released from her. Set against a stirring soundscape it tells the tale of her relationship with music and the tenacity required to pursue a dream. War On Dreams is her rallying cry.


Sister track, Just Another Scratch, completes the picture and is about having the necessary armour to get you through the worst of times and pick yourself back up. 



As she says “most artists would prefer to see a painting through to completion without anyone else taking a brush to their canvass, that’s how I feel about my music,” and listening to these two songs is the conclusive proof that Ruth A-D made the right decision to go it alone.  


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